Presentations given at the Congress are available individually via the corresponding links below, or as a complete set (as one ZIP file – 27 MB) here.

Time Thursday 7 June 2012
09.30-10.15 Welcome and registration
10.15-10.25 Welcome by Ron Hersmis (Syntaxyz), Chairman, ECA organising committee
10.25-10.45 Opening remarks and scene setting by Gabor Hanak (KPMG), Chairman, Groupe Consultatif
10.45-10.50 Transfer to meeting rooms
10.50-11.30 Future role of the actuary in relation to pensions
Falco Valkenburg (TowersWatson) -
Groupe Consultatif
ERM and the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA)
Ron Hersmis (Syntaxyz) -
Groupe Consultatif
How the actuarial profession will look in 20 years time
Ad Kok (KPMG) &
Karel Goossens (TowersWatson) -
Groupe Consultatif
11.30-11.35 Transfer to meeting rooms
11.35-12.15 The role of the actuary in relation to IFRS
Stephen Cooper – IASB
How solvency regulations influence operations
Bart De Smet – CEO Ageas
Reinsuring employee benefits contracts to a corporate captive: business model and impact of Solvency II
Vittorio Zaniboni – Generali
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.10 Financial reporting: issues arising from Solvency II
Kamran Foroughi – TowersWatson
Solvency for pensions
Chinu Patel – Groupe Consultatif
ERM and actuarial science: the role for universities in ERM
Prof. Steven Haberman – Cass Business School
14.10-14.15 Transfer to meeting rooms
14.15-14.55 The implementation of Enterprise Risk Management
Eberhard Muller – Hannover Re
The future role of the actuary from the point of view of the industry
Olav Jones – Insurance Europe – Deputy Director General and Head of Economics and Finance department
Solvency II and its impact on national supervision
Jan Parner – Finanstilsynet (Danish Supervisor)
14.55-15.00 Transfer to meeting rooms
15.00-15.40 Risk measures
Athanassios Yannacopoulos – University of Athens
The Big Picture – more holistic job descriptions for actuaries
Vicki Njor – SwissRe
Solvency for IORPs
Matti Leppälä – EFRP
15.40-16.10 Break
16.10-16.50 Scientific paper by a young actuary
Estimating Ruin Probabilities in the Presence of Heavy-tailed Claims

Ants Kaasik – Estonia
Actuarial Standards
Chris Daykin – GC Standards Project Team
Innovative approaches to identifying and managing interactions within companies
Neil Cantle – Milliman/Bath University
16.50-17.20 Future developments in solvency in Europe
Burkhard Balz, MEP (Omnibus II rapporteur)
19.00 Transport by bus to dinner venue
19.30 Congress dinner at Cureghem Cellars

Time Friday 8 June 2012
09.15-09.55 Role of the actuary from perspective of supervisor, and actuarial input to the work of EIOPA
Daniela Rode – Director of Regulation, EIOPA
09.55-10.00 Transfer to meeting rooms
10.00-10.40 Flood Risk, Insurance and Climate Change in The Netherlands
Wouter Botzen – VU Amsterdam
Scientific paper by a young actuary
PrObEx and Internal Model: Calibrating dependencies among risks in Non-life

Davide Canestraro – Italy
Scientific paper by a young actuary
Dependent competing risks models for measuring health

Dimitrina Dimitrova – UK
10.40-11.15 Break
11.15-11.55 A ratings agency perspective of Solvency II
Rob Jones – S&P
ERM and the challenges for actuarial consultants
Elliott Varnell – Milliman
Scientific paper by a young actuary
Pricing Catastrophe Risk in Life (re)insurance

Erland Ekheden – Sweden
11.55-12.00 Transfer to meeting rooms
12.00-12.40 A global perspective on ERM: changing risk attitudes
David Ingram (IAA/Willis Re) and Michael Thompson (IIASA, Austria)
12.40-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.40 The role of Groupe Consultatif in development and implementation of Solvency II
Seamus Creedon – GC
The Role of Reinsurers in Longevity Risk Transfer
Cord-Roland Rinke – Hannover Re
Risk budgetting using internal capital models
Wouter Elshof – Milliman
14.40-15.10 Break
15.10-15.50 Regulating the financial industry, and how this influences professionals like actuaries
Karel Van Hulle, European Commission
15.50-16.20 Closing remarks – Chris Daykin – Immediate past Chairman, Groupe Consultatif