Grand Place, Brussels

Grand Place, Brussels

The first European Congress of Actuaries is being organised by the Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen

While European leaders are struggling to find a way out of the financial crisis and seeking political answers to the challenge, the Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen is organising the first European Congress of Actuaries, which will unveil how actuaries are looking at the financial crisis and what advice these professionals provide, within the overall theme of The European Actuary of the Future.

There will be parallel streams on Solvency, Enterprise Risk Management, and the Role of the Actuary. The target audience includes actuaries , authorities  and academia as well as other financial professionals, policy-makers, politicians and others interested in the future of risk management in Europe. Speakers include leading experts from the actuarial profession as well as from the European Commission, EIOPA, the European Parliament, influential figures from industry, national regulatory authorities, and other key decision-makers.


The Congress provides 12 hours equivalent of professional CPD